Current Strategies

Popular concept:
Raise your deductible, add a gap /secondary insurance plan

Secondary Insurance / Gap Insurance coupled with a high deductible health plan a very popular concept that has absolutely exploded in the Alabama Market. A significant number of our clients at RBH Benefits are currently taking advantage of this fast growing concept.

Step 1: Choose a health plan with a higher deductible in order to reduce premiums.

Step 2: Use the money you saved to buy a secondary insurance / gap plan that will pay that deductible for you.

The end product will cost about the same as your previous plan, but the advantage is you get more for your money: Lower out of pocket costs!

  • Healthcare providers love it because they don’t have to send you a bill for the deductible! They would much prefer to send it to another insurance company, as they know consumers typically pay only a fraction of their deductible.
  • Members love it because it gives them the strongest, lowest out of pocket costs with their health plan.
  • Employers love it because there is no arguing with the math – it is pound for pound the best spend for a solid, rich health plan. As an employer, if you want to be sure you are getting the most for your money, you should consider this option!

Remember: Healthcare Spend = Premiums + Out of Pocket.

This strategy may give you the best chance to get the lowest Healthcare Spend.

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